Protection against COVID-19

It has meant a drastic change in our life as we knew it, and now XC19 wants to do its bit to get our life back on track.

It is not just a new brand that is born, it is the desire to reverse this serious epidemiological situation in which we have been immersed for more than a year with a new revolutionary product composed of natural minerals. And to get it started they needed an initial, global branding that could be used in a variety of formats, both online and offline.

The technological opportunity



It should be vital for any business: web and social media presence. And not just create it, but manage it properly. In addition, for XC19 we also produce animated and explanatory audiovisual projects.

Keep in touch with your customers



News, novelties, offers, exclusive content… all of this can be included in newsletters, a type of digital publication that is sent to the email with a continuous periodicity.

Putting the idea down on paper



From business cards, catalogues, brochures, packaging boxes for products, stickers, flyers in different formats… Everything you need for your brand.