Our greenest project

Knowing that there is no ecosystem B to live in, we are committed to its sustainability. And Beefuture promotes the preservation of bees.

For this client we carried out a general branding project in which we wanted to reflect the importance of their work as a commercial brand but also as an environmental protection project with bees as the focal point. Starting with their corporate colours and the logo already designed, we managed to animate it and offer several dynamic and audiovisual alternatives using the brand’s graphic elements.

The leap into the digital age



Since online presence is essential for any brand, for Beefuture we get a web design tailored to your needs. We also design, create content and manage their official social media profiles.

Keep in touch with your customers



News, novelties, offers, exclusive content… all of this can be included in newsletters, a type of digital publication that is sent to the email with a continuous periodicity.

Physical formats



From catalogues to brochures, we create exclusive merchandising, designs the labels for the honey they sell… Any graphic element to build the ideal corporate image.